Reduce cost.
Build with confidence.
Decrease time to market.


Validate your design and verify manufacturability before you go into production

Product prototypes are an effective way to bring a new product to market quickly. With a product prototype, you can test multiple design iterations in a short period of time. Form, fit and function can all be verified before investing in the manufacture of a new product. As a result, your manufacturing costs and time-to-market are reduced.

Take advantage of our prototype manufacturing and small-run production expertise

At JR Prototypes, we specialize in new product introductions, existing product enhancements and short-run manufacturing. Our facility was designed specifically for prototype manufacturing and short-run production, and our staff has extensive materials expertise. You are assured of high-quality components and finished assemblies that are produced quickly and cost-effectively.

Benefit from our diverse capabilities

At JR Prototypes, we have invested in the most capable prototype manufacturing systems to provide you with accurate models and end-use parts from a variety of thermoplastics:

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